Balancing Science with Nature to Create the Finest Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp CBD Oil Products

About Us

We are from the biotech world of molecule quantification, hold advanced degrees in biomolecular research and analytical chemistry. We have been on teams and worked for companies that have brought to market opioid addictive drugs and through personal experience have come to the realization there is a better way to balance science with nature. Help us spread the word.

Our Value Proposition

To balance science with nature to produce a safe effective alternative to opioid addictive drugs and a natural option to balance your biology and heal your soul. Our goal is to enlighten others to the options available to naturally medicate and cure.

Meet Our Team

David A. Dawson

Technical Director

Kathi Allen

Chief Operations Officer
  • Founding Partner
  • Marketing and Design Specialist 

Michael Stump

  • PhD
  • Bio-Analytical Chemist