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Balancing Science with Nature to inspire hope in the future and restore happiness today.

The benefits of cannabis with out the high

  • Hemp and marijuana are both forms of cannabis
  • Cannabis with low THC is called hemp
  • Both have many health-promoting compounds
  • Balancedbio products are made from hemp

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240 mg CBD Oil 5 ml

240 mg CBD Oil 5 ml

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725 mg 15 ml CBD Oil

1450 mg 30 ml CBD Oil

1450 mg 30 ml CBD Oil

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CO2 Extraction

While other companies use cheaper methods like alcohol or heat extraction, which often leaves toxic residue and in the process does not extract the full compliment of nutrients, we use harmless CO2. This compresses the liquid to a critical form that creates properties of both a liquid and a gas. It's cold so it does not harm the heat sensitive nutrients like vitamins or enzymes. Its safe and pure due to not using solvents like alcohol.

This super critical extraction is an exceptional non-toxic solvent. When added to our nutrient rich hemp the CO2 is then released leaving a high concentrated, pure extract that is more easily digested and absorbed. 

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